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Velocity Concave

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 month of July and  August.


Golden B3D

About Golden B3D

GOLDEN B3D was born out of a passion for design, technology and plastic modeling.

It was created to facilitate and serve all types of modelers from Brazil and the world, offering quality pieces full of details, to make your model closer to the real thing, which can be found on our sales website.

Our pieces are 3d prints with high quality resins and a metal line to complement your hobby.

Our focus is on wheels, but you can find accessories, diorama, metal and much more.

Have fun on our page and it will always be a pleasure to serve you! From Modeler to Modeler.

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Hall of Fame


"65 Chevelle SS Revell" 1:25 Scale  By: WAJGARAGE

In Memoriam

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